DOGUY, sedated again
DOGUY, sedated again

DOGUY, sedated again

Hi Friends of JACK!

Doguy, the baby chimp with eye problems, had to be sedated again last Thursday as keratitis  commenced again.


After his first sedation, Doguy had a one-month-antibiotic-treatment. All went perfectly well and our vet decided to stop everything to see what was to come next.

Unfortunately, about 10 days after Doguy had stopped Tetracycline, his right eye started crying again and the white spot was again visible. The vet advised a new Tetracycline-treatment but no result came out of this new cure as bacteria apparently had developed resistance to this kind of medication.


Once again, I have contacted Tristan, Doguy’s Guardian Angel, and thanks to him a vet in the States is ready to ship us something from the US. I hope this will work as we can’t keep on sedating little Doguy like this… We feel extremely desperate because here in Lubumbashi we can’t find any reliable medication.

I’ll keep you posted,

Thank you,


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  1. Last week we were in touch with vets from the US and from Kenya who advised some meds. So, I have been trying to get them here in Lubumbashi and I’ll get an answer soon as to ship drugs is costly and might take some time (or the parcel might get lost/stolen?) So, I’ll keep you posted and thank you all again for your help. Doguy’s eyes seem OK for now and I do my best to get him the right medication…

  2. paty france

    Justement je pensais à Doguy depuis quelques jours et je me demandais comment cet oeil se le 2eme traitement antibiotique ne marche pas. Que peut-on faire ? d’autres traitements plus spécifiques, dans le pire des cas une intervention? Il faut nous tenir au courant pour voir si des spécialistes en france pourraient nous fournir de quoi le soigner.

  3. cathy-california

    Roxane, if you need someone else to work on medication, let me know. You can email me. There is an opthalmologist in my medical group so there is some chance I might be able to get supplies. Please let me know. I tried leaving a message yesterday, but I think there was some technical issue going on.

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