Rosie being introduced
Rosie being introduced

Rosie being introduced

Hi Everyone,

Do you remember Rosie? She is the baby chimp that arrived end of September 2009 and which had been rescued by Mrs Rosemarie RUF of the okapi Center in Epulu (Northern DRC).


Because our quarantine facilities are full and because we still need funds to build more infrastructures, we decided to shorten Rosie’s quarantine period which usually takes 90 days.


Rosie was perfectly healthy to meet others.


The first day, she met Africa, the eldest and the most bossy female of the baby group.


But it was clear Rosie didn’t want to have contacts with other chimps and that she rather had human company.

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But Rosie is now progressing a lot. She now likes to share her nest with Santa (whose bump has cleared up completely!) and with Maïka.


I’ll add extra pictures of Rosie’s  progess soon,


Thank you for reading,


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  3. Chris

    thanks a lot for sharing this great moment! It is always so good to see a baby chimp being back with other chimps… I wish Rosie and all her friends and all the JACK team a very good year 2010! Hope it will be great for you and that there will be no more orphans (or at least less!). We all hope the future will be better for chimps and great apes and all the animals! Take care! much love to everybody. Chris

  4. Theresa

    What energetic babies! I’m sure it will be no time before Rosie prefers to be with her friends instead of humans. She will be able to play all she wants and snuggle with her buddies in their nests. What sweet little faces they all have!

  5. Beaucoup d’émotion pour moi de voir ces images et surtout… surtout cette vidéo!
    Entendre les petits cris de Rosie… y a pas de mots…
    Je suis très heureuse de voir qu’elle progresse et qu’elle partage enfin des moments avec les siens (Elle peut compter sur Africa pour la taquiner!!!)

    Qu’est ce que j’aimerai voir Rosie, Santa et Maïka partager leur nid!!!!

    Merci de partager ces moments précieux avec nous!

    Je pense bien à vous!

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