today’s enrichment!
today’s enrichment!

today’s enrichment!

Dear All,

The chimps of our different groups were very lucky this morning as there was a varied choice in enrichment items! They had:

– their daily fresh green leaves to eat and to play with,


– small pieces of oranges as well as small wild fruit called ‘masuku‘ (Uapaca kirkiana)were hidden all around the place,

' masuku'
‘ masuku’


– and plastic bottles filled up with water (sometimes some juice – but not very often because of sugar!).  The chimps love these plastic items as they sometimes sit at the pond and collect water with. Or, others do put small stones inside and create a musical instrument when shaking the bottle and its stones. Or, when a chimp has two bottles, he/she pours water from one bottle into the other and vice versa, which keeps the chimp busy for hours… The good thing is that the chimps don’t eat the plastic and that they play with the bottles all day long! Some chimps even keep the bottles in their night quarters and sleep with them…






All the chimps had great fun this morning since Fabienne had organised plenty of different items so that no one felt excluded when ‘hunting’ for treats …


Thank you Fabienne for all that you do! You do wonderful job!!







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