Two monkey rescues in two days!
Two monkey rescues in two days!

Two monkey rescues in two days!

So many monkeys are being kept in horrible onditions in and arond our city of Lubumbashi and because our sanctuary has now facilities adapted to small primates, our Founders do their utmost to give these pour souls in new chance!

This week, 2 monkeys were recued: « TINO », 1 Malbrouck vervet confiscated in Likasi and « LILY », a red-tailed monkey female

TINO is a young male Malbrouck monkey. He is healthy and looks easy going

Tino was set in quarantine and is adjusting very well to his new environment

« LILY » had been seen attached to a tree in the suburbs of Lubumbashi. Founder Franck went to rescue her with the agents of the Ministry of the Environment. Confiscation wasn’t easy as the owner threatened and insulted the wildlife agents.

Lily arrived safely at J.A.C.K where the vet immediately got rid of the horrible rope she had around her hips! The young primate has been set in quarantine and, unlike TINO, LILY will soon join a group and enjoy a social life!

We are so happy for Tino & Lily as they are adjusting well to their new lives. We will need YOU for some support as lives can’t be saved nor rehabilitated without your help! Our sanctuary lives on donations only and doesn’t get any aid from the government…

Please, consider making a donation; every little bit helps in this forgotten part of the world!