updates on green garden
updates on green garden

updates on green garden

Dear All,

First rains should  start end of October, but it seems that the climate is undergoing huge changes all over the world!! Here in Lubumbashi we have had only 4 days of rain so far  which is very unusual…

These few rains occurred the week we had no power and no water. We were lucky and we felt of course extremely happy as the crops of our green garden were naturally watered daily.

Today, we manage to harvest between 40 and 50 kgs of food per week which of course only represents a small part of what we exactly need (we provide between 90 and 100 kgs of vegetables per day), but we continue and hope to reach this aim maybe next year, in 2013…

The green house has also become an interesting place to visit as there is no other place like this here in Lubumbashi! When coming at J.A.C.K. (entrance is free), visitors are guided through the education area, then they can have a look at our facilities and at the chimps, and we now always bring them at the green garden where  both Paul and Serge, the two gardeners of J.A.C.K., like to share their experiences and to show proudly what they have achieved so far for the chimps….

Pant-hoots to Serge & Paul who are doing a wonderful job! Merci for the chimps!





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