when JAK meets PAL
when JAK meets PAL

when JAK meets PAL

PICTURE OF THE DAY – so many emotions when JAK meets PAL!

Yes, PAL is the first chimp rescued in October 1983 by Sheila & David Siddle, founders of the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage (ZAMBIA). And JAK, as you surely know, is the first baby orphan chimpanzee saved by Franck & Roxane Chantereau, founders of our DRC JACK Sanctuary.

Why so many emotions? Since the early beginnings of Chimfunshi Sheila & David have always been Franck’s heroes. They have been his inspiration as he was dreaming of rescuing chimpanzees …


Today, Sheila still remains Franck’s heroine. He drove to Chimfunshi the other day and his visit was a huge surprise to Sheila since her daughter, Sylvia, had organised everything secretly with Roxane.

Many thanks Sylvia for this great stay and thank you again, Sheila, for your Love!!


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