4 rescues in less than 2 weeks
4 rescues in less than 2 weeks

4 rescues in less than 2 weeks

The last few weeks have been very busy: 4 new monkeys were rescued and brought into quarantine at J.A.C.K.

All are females. They are of 3 different species of primates: 1 red-tailed monkey, 2 blue monkeys and 1 Malbrouck (vervet) monkey.

TUBA, the red-tailed monkey, was illegaly kept on the backyard of a Congolese family. She had been attached to a tree for the last two years and was very thin and dehydrated when we rescued her.

Then , two blue monkeys have been handed over to J.A.C.K.: their owners bought  them on a local market about 7 yers ago and they decided it was high time they would meet others of their own kind. The two females are named TOTO & KICKY.

Finally, we had a call from a friend of a neighbouring city asking if J.A.C.K. could have some space left for the vervet monkey her family had bought 12 years ago. The monkey lived for years as a pet and, today, it could no longer stay in the house. This is how we took in KALA

These 4 beautiful creatures are in quarantine and will soon join groups of primates of their species… more details to come!

Please, before I end and in case you can help us provide all these orphans with the best, join the following donation page where you can find all the treats of our rescued residents! Every single donation would be really appreciated in these tough times …

Thank YOU for THEM!