A new group

Hi Everyone,

Our quarantine area today is made of six very young ones: Santa/Mapima & Kimo, the « Kivu Four » and baby Maïka.


Volunteer Chantal helping us regularly in addition to her job

Because they are all extremely young and because Santa and Kimo refused to be introduced (it didn’t work out well), we have decided to put the six little ones all together so that they can get more contacts with other chimps and… more fun!


Papa Augustin trying to keep the 6 babies together

The six of them play every day in the trees and Papa Augustin and Maman Angeline, the keepers, are taking good care of them. Which is not always easy especially when the little ones do climb very high up in the trees and do not fear danger.


Maman Angeline and Franck with the 6 youngest chimps of JACK

It seems these six little ones are constituting a new group…


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  1. Ping :Maïka enjoying life at JACK | J.A.C.K.

  2. Mama Kimo

    Sweethearts! : ) Miss them all!
    Roxane – Bharat will give u the cd with all the pictures i took some of these days in the comming week!
    Big hug to all of you!

  3. Fran

    Bonjour Roxanne! I’m bringing up the rear as usual….lol. Just catching up on the events at JACK and of course, I saw Maika’s name spring out at me! My heart strings just tug at me when I see her. All the infants look fantastic and happy. Merci mille fois. This couldn’t happen without you and Franck.

  4. Yes, Theresa, you’re right: it’s very tiring to take care of 6 baby chimps at a time and in that case in French we say ‘you even need eyes on the back of your head’ !!
    Chantal is helping us a lot as she’s the one who runs the project so that we can get a few days off…

  5. Theresa

    What a sweet, precious group! Hopefully they will get to know the other chimps and feel a bit less apprehensive. I hope you are giving Papa Augustin and Maman Angeline some vitamins too…LOL. Keeping up with 6 babies has to be tiring!

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