Baby Luna not well
Baby Luna not well

Baby Luna not well

Dear Friends of JACK,

I hope you are all doing fine.

Here, at JACK, things are ok except that Luna has started flu and that she has now been isolated from the others for about a week now.

She first had a runny nose and coughed sometimes….

This lasted  about  a few days when suddenly,fever arose and her coughing and breathing became worse. Maman Angeline did all she could to keep Luna’s temperature down: she either wrapped up Luna in a wet towel or tried to keep a wet cloth on Luna head….

… but tricky Luna rather had the cloth in her mouth! This of course seems funny, but, believe me, Mama Angeline was really upset as Luna had clearly decided she’d use all her misschief to get the cloth in her mouth and NOT on her head!!!!

Although Luna was not doing great, she was still very active and playfull. If you look on the video located on the following link (sorry, I can’t attach it as I’m not a computer professional!) you’ll see she is now healthy and running all over the place!

I think that if Luna is totally fine, she’ll leave the quarantine early next week. But I’ll keep you posted as usual…

Thank you all again for following us,


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