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Hi Everyone!

No longer sick, Santa, Kimo and Maïka were ready to return with their chimp mates of the Refuge. They had been at my house for nearly one month and last Monday we decided to move them back to J.A.C.K.


A friend Carole with Santa and Papa Augustin with Maïka and Kimo

I really thought it would be fast and easy for the 3 little ones to meet their Kivu friends after such a long time… But, these were only my thoughts!

The Kivus had taken over Kimo’s and Santa’s territory and Pasa is now imposing himself as the ‘boss’. Bully and … furry, Pasa has become extremely strong and taller than all the others!!!

Which means that Kimo, Santa and Maïka weren’t welcomed with open arms  and that they had to use their strength (and teeth!) during their first meeting/confrontation with the Kivus…

Maïka, despite her very young age, adjusted immediately. Africa grabbed her at once and in a few minutes Maïka had become member of the (female) group again.



Bully, Pasa wanted to push and tease little Maïka


who stood up, attacked him, and….


 submitted herself to the young male…


Santa had a different story. She was chased away by Africa. Upset, noticing that Maïka had abandoned her, little Santa decided to go by herself.


When Pasa approached to bother her, she attacked him and bit him to show she wasn’t intimidated.


Santa seems fragile but she can really defend herself. When she isn’t happy or if there’s something wrong, let me tell you, she has very sharp canines!!!


But Kimo… Kimo didn’t adjust at all at the beginning. When he arrived, he could feel things were going to happen and he really didn’t feel confident at all.


When the Kivu girls came closer, he tried to intimidate them, which didn’t work as Africa has become bossy too!


Then, when it was Pasa’s turn to approach him, Kimo was scared, sought for Papa Augustin’s protection.



Kimo doesn’t like fights, confrontations. He prefers to run away….


Pasa running behind Kimo

It took them all a few hours of hide and seek to adjust themselves and to settle the young group again. That day, they had a lot of fun climbing up trees and playing with one another.


Pasa has actually very strong attitudes and sometimes is unpredictable. The pictures below will show you Pasa gave Papa Augustin a hard time too! (lol)



Although presentations were tough, it is a good thing Kimo, Santa and Maïka are now back in the little group. The best place for them actually is at the Refuge with the other chimpanzees and not in my garden, nor in my house…



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  1. Theresa

    Wonderful news, Roxane. Merci. It sounds as if they will settle in just fine. Chimp politics can be rowdy at times but it will all sort out and all will find their place. I’m just thankful they are all well again and can be back with the group being chimps again. Love to you, Franck, and the staff for all your hard work and especially your dedication to these amazing creatures.

  2. Fran

    Bonjour Roxanne! You certainly have had more than your hands full with these little ones! I’m so thankful that they are back in their group, all healthy and lively again. All my best to you and Franck.

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