Fever, again!
Fever, again!

Fever, again!

Dear All,

Last Monday should have been D-Day for the little ones of my place to be moved back to the Refuge.

Unfortunately, Kimo started slight fever again Sunday evening and temperatures have been between 38° and 38°9 since then.


Kimo playing with water

The climate is changing as days become hotter now without any breeze of fresh air(yesterday 37° in the shadow). It has been so dry  for the last 3 months and Kimo has horrible cracks on his feet which are bleeding. In addition, Kimo pulls out any piece of dry skin which makes it soar and obliges him to walk with closed fists!


Kimo walking with his toes closed because of the pain

Kimo’s fever, according to our vet, is caused by the adjusting of his body to the new climate but also because of the pain of his cracks. Pain can provoke stress and stress can give slight fever.

So, Kimo and his mates are still staying with us: Papa Augustin is taking care of the 3 of them and so does Carole, a friend from France who has come to visit us.



Santa, Maïka are fine and no new sick chimps have been found in our main group at the Refuge. The ‘Kivu 4’ have recovered too and are again playful and full of energy!



The chimps are now enjoying the first warm days of our Summer.


Hope this year won’t be too hot as last year the group and our team really suffered of the heat!


Thank you all for reading and for helping us,


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  1. Theresa

    I am happy to hear that Kimo’s hands are healing. Even more happy to hear they can join the other babies again.
    If you ever need anyting, please do not hesitate to ask. You have my full support and gratitude for your work.

  2. Dear Theresa and Christine, I am always happy to read your comments (and others’ too!) and don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine as I have no choice! Also, my friend Carole has given us a magic cream which heals, desinfects and soothes Kimo’s hands. He is doing a lot better now and I believe this coming Saturday he and his two mates will be happy to see baby Pasa, Dian and Africa at the Refuge(I’ll send you the pictures!)
    And, yes, Theresa, I also believed Maïka wouldn’t make it…she really went through hard times!!it was horrible to her but to me as well!

  3. Theresa

    So good to hear that the babies are recovering nicely. I was so worried Maika would not make it. Poor little Kimo. He has been through so much. Is there a cream or other treatment the vet could recommend, Roxane? If there is and you need help getting it, please let me know. Please take care of yourself too. You have to be exhausted after nursing the babies for so long. I would hate for you to become ill.

  4. Christine C.

    Oh, poor Kimo! But at least it sounds like his fever is from adjustments (heat, environment) and not from an infectious disease…Thank God for small favors! Anyway, I hope something soothing can be found to help his little hands…hope the rest of you are doing well.

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