Bapu and Pundu in the Baby group!
Bapu and Pundu in the Baby group!

Bapu and Pundu in the Baby group!

Yes, friends of J.A.C.K., the twins that have had their quarantine period at my place are now at the project and…. introduced to Santa’s group!

Bapu and Pundu the day they arrived

 Bapu and Pundu when they arrived last November


Bapu and Pundu were in an extremely bad condition when they arrived last November and because both completely recovered, put on weight and had a sens again in life, we decided to present them to the other babies.

the baby group surrounding and meeting the two newcomers



All went well. Papa Augustin stayed with them during the presentations.

Papa Augustin presenting th Pundus

 Although very shy Pundu seemed to be extremely happy to meet other chimps.  It was Santa who hugged him first!!!

the twins in the group

Bapu staying close to Papa Augustin


Bapu made a lot of noises, showed she could intimidate the others but she was content too!

Bapu (left) chasing Maïka and Santa (right) hugging Pundu

Bapu chasing Maïka (left) and Santa hugging Pundu (right)


We are happy all was fine and that they now can enjoy a « chimp » life with the others! the Pundus enjoying their new life

I already miss these everlasting sleepless nights I took care of you… But I am soooo proud of you! Well done, the Pundus!



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  1. Theresa

    Oh what wonderful news! I love the babies all huddled together. They look so much better now thanks to your love and care. This is where they belong, with other chimps. It’s so heartwarming to see them together. Thank you for your dedication and passion. You all rock!

  2. Fantastique!!!
    Elle est brave cette Santounette 😉
    Contente de savoir que tout s’est bien passé!
    Papa Augustin doit être ravi d’avoir retrouvé ses petits protégés!

    Bapu aussi petite soit-elle ne se laisse pas impressionnée…mais attention Maïka c’est « La » dure à cuire du groupe 😉

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