Pasa, a very difficult introduction
Pasa, a very difficult introduction

Pasa, a very difficult introduction

Hi friends of J.A.C.K

Today, I’ll update on PASA, the « naked » chimp which arrived one year ago and which has been presented to the main group ran by Mwisho, our young alpha.

Pasa, the "naked" chimp

The first presentations went well. Remember, I told you the other members of the group took care of Pasa…

Pasa and Wimbi

But it was clear Pasa showed signs of fear each time Mwisho came close to him. Pasa shouted, cried regularly. There were even days Pasa refused to go in the outside main enclosure.

Mwisho didn’t appreciate Pasa’s behaviour and one day beat him up. Twice the alpha male bit the face of the little one but this didn’t make Pasa change his mind. On the contrary: Pasa got more and more afraid of the dominant chimp and refused to go into the open air enclosure.

Pasa bitten by Mwisho

A decision had to be taken urgently: Pasa was living too much pressure and started losing weight.

Pasa hurt and healing

Therefore, we decided to isolate the young chimpanzee: 1/ to heal his wounds and 2/ to feed him as Pasa had stopped eating…

06.02.10 (23)

Today, a new chance has been given to baby Pasa: to join Tika, Joma and Elia, 3 young chimps who will be introduced into the main group as they have completed their quarantine period.  Franck and I do believe that if Pasa goes back into the main group along with his elder mates, he will feel less insecure….

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 Let’s cross our fingers…



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  1. J.A.C.K.

    Pasa has now a new life with Tika and Joma. Africa is still with him and at night Elia (female) shares her nest with the two young ones… let’s hope it all continues in such good way!!!

  2. Theresa

    Poor little one. How stressful this all must have been for him. I hope the other little ones help Pasa feel more secure and join forces together if Mwisho gets too rough. Chimp life can sure be harsh sometimes. Give Pasa a hug from me.

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