BSI Steel, JACK local sponsor
BSI Steel, JACK local sponsor

BSI Steel, JACK local sponsor

Dear All

BSI Steel is a South African based organization with several branches in other African countries (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, DRC). Its primary product range is made of mild (carbon) steel in all its different forms.

BSI donation

BSI  STEEL LUBUMBASHI is run by Manager Shazad Alibay who is a good friend of J.A.C.K. and who has always tried to help our sanctuary through discounts or steel donations.


Our facilities are made of concrete and steel. This latter is a strong component (the chimps are getting bigger & stronger!) which lasts years once treated and which can resist termites. night premises

Wood of course could have been used as it is more natural and esthetic. But in our part of the world, termites do devastate a lot! Therefore, at J.A.C.K, there is steel every where!!

outdoor facility with steel playground

That’s why we have even built the nests of the chimps in steel – they are also easier to be cleaned every day!!steel nestssteel nest

night facility with steel nestsThank you again,  BSI STEEL company and Shazad for your precious help!

thank You BSI STEEL !

Without your generosity and your wish to participate into our conservation action , J.A.C.K. won’t be able to provide a decent shelter to the rescued orphans !!

Roxane & Franck/J.A.C.K.


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