compost for the green garden
compost for the green garden

compost for the green garden

Dear friends of J.A.C.K.,

Most of you know we were offered last year a netted green house from a South African company named ‘MARKET TO AFRICA’.

J.A.C.K. does its best to obtain good results from the green garden, but the soil we have at J.A.C.K. is very poor and we also live special times due to global warming! Season are changing totally and we are struggling daily to get the expected production!

When you want to grow vegetables, good soil is indeed needed and that’s why MARKET TO AFRICA also helped J.A.C.K. building its compost ditches. Today, we managed to use our first compost  and we hope great results will come out of the ditches we started last year.







Many thanks again to Su and Gregory from MARKET TO AFRICA. And many thanks to Werner C., a dear family member, who invested his time and knowledge to help J.A.C.K. grow veggies for its boarders!


Roxane/ J.A.C.K.

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