Ekolo back in his group!
Ekolo back in his group!

Ekolo back in his group!


Dear Friends,

Good news for today! Remember, I promised last week I would update on Ekolo’s introduction.

Ekolo last week before presentations started

Everything went very well. It took sometime because it was actually Ekolo who didn’t want the others to come near and he showed fear on his face many times.


Ekolo scared as surrounded by Africa (top left) and Kimo

But it was as if Tika understood what was going on and he immediately ran to protect Ekolo each time he heard the little one shouting…


Tika arriving on the right to protect Ekolo from Africa who was teasing Ekolo

Two chimps of the nursery group were extremely happy to see Ekolo back:

1/ Tika, of course, who has always been like a ‘big brother’ to Ekolo

Tika (right) hugging & playing with Ekolo
Ekolo & Tika

2/…and Tommy, who has found his playmate back!!!

Ekolo (top) playing with Tommy
Ekolo & Tommy

It feels good to see the little one back in his group and we are all glad things went so well.

Tika & Ekolo

Tika is a good ‘brother’ and he is never too far from Ekolo who follows him most of the time.

Tika watching over Ekolo

Thank you for reading,







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