Ekolo gave us too much trouble
Ekolo gave us too much trouble

Ekolo gave us too much trouble

Dear All

Sometimes tough things happen in life that are so hard you can’t even talk about it. It was the case of Santa’s passing for example about which I couldn’t even speak about as it was extremely painful.

Ekolo’s story is far different from Santa’s, but it gave us sleepless nights and too many worries, believe me!

This little chimp of the nursery group got badly sick last November: although he was still eating well,  he became skinny and couldn’t even walk any more as he was weak…

No parasites were found, Ekolo had excellent appetite, but slept much….

In a few weeks time, Ekolo gained in strength, was again playful but had lost most of his hair…

Because his skin was extremely dry and because Ekolo had brittle hair, Papa Augustin patiently bathed him every day with oil of sweet almonds which helped Ekolo a lot; his skin was so dry and itchy that he was scratching his arm and legs all the time causing slight wounds…Some samples of dry skin were sent to labs in the DRC and in South Africa, and no disease was found..


Today, Ekolo’s fur is back again, he is doing great and he’s going to be reintroduced in his group since he has been kept isolated from the others since last November! I think we’ll have to work slowly by slowly to put him back with the others and I am sure Tika and Tommy will hug him immediately because they have always been Ekolo’s very best friends!

Before I end,  Franck and I wish to congratulate and thank JACK keeper Papa Augustin for all what he did for Ekolo. Papa Augustin gave the baby all his love and attention and he remained confident and positive all the time!!!

Thank you also to Dr Emma who helped us on this case. Our vet Jean Claude was on abroad at that time and he sent one of his vet assistants to help JACK..

Many thanks also to different vets who gave us interesting advice: Doctors  Christelle, Rebeca and Brett! And we are thankful to Sandrine for the sweet almond oil and to Suzanna & Gregory for the vitamins and drugs…

I hope to come back next week with a positive update on Ekolo’s reintroduction,

Have a wonderful day,



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  1. Dana

    What a difference 7 months make. It’s puzzling that you could not find a reason for Ekolo’s illness. He looks wonderful and pray he doesn’t get sick again. Look forward to the reintroduction updates.

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