Ekolo getting more independent!
Ekolo getting more independent!

Ekolo getting more independent!

Dear Friends,

Since Luna was introduced last August, the dominant and ‘big brother’ Tika has been more interested in Luna’s introduction into his group and Ekolo seemed to have been set aside slowly by slowly…

Ekolo watching Tika turning his back and going with Luna

Tika has always been considered as a ‘big brother’ because he has always taken much care of the very little ones. Ekolo has had Tika’s protection for more than a year now and has been very dependent on Tika…

Tika & Ekolo

But life is changing and interests are changing too.

Tika between Luna (left) and Ekolo

Because Tika’s arms can’t hug two youngsters at a time, Ekolo has understood he would find other good friends and enjoy life differently.

a new experience for Ekolo!

Therefore, Africa, one of the oldest females of the nursery, is playing now an important role for young Ekolo: she is staying with him most of the time, developing her maternal instincts (?) and keeping an eye on Ekolo while he is playing with his best friends (Vida, Rosie & Tommy)!

Ekolo with Africa

Today we can say that Ekolo is never alone:  the other members are always around which is good and helps him to become more and more independent!

Ekolo having fun !

Bravo, Ekolo!



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