power and water issues at the Sanctuary
power and water issues at the Sanctuary

power and water issues at the Sanctuary

Power installations of our DRC city date from the 1960’s and because local authorities have decided to fix and renew most of  the power stations at once we have had huge power and water issues for the last weeks!

Therefore we have been struggling with power and water issues for the last days…

Water has been stored to face daily  food and milkbottle preparations of the chimps and we are extremely blessed as Mother Nature, on this side of the planet, has helped us a lot: rain season has recently started thus watering the crops of our green garden….

Also, J.A.C.K. Sanctuary wishes to thank its closest friends for their wish to help in these difficult times:

 – Suzy & Babu are two wonderful ladies of Lubumbashi but also the only ones who have suggested to share water with the chimps! MERCI Suzy & Babu!

Su of RSA has been trying for days to get donations sent to help J.A.C.K. in getting a generator through the kindness of Elie’s and many of your supporters .. oh! la,laaa ..Su! You are AMAZING !

– Also, some wonderful Friends on the Net have decided they would give a hand for a generator or a well and someone even asked Kenya Airways to bring us some water…  many thanks to Amy M., Nathalie W., Fran B., Patti C., Suzanna D., Andrea J., Jackie M.,  Diane A., Chritine C. and Corinna M. for their energy and help!

 YOU are all Angels and the chimps living at J.A.C.K. really feel blessed to have you as Good Friends ! Thank YOU ALL soooo much for your wish to participate in such difficult country as the DRC!


Roxane & Franck

Co-founders of J.A.C.K.



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