Dear Friends,

I’m afraid, no good news for this time : all the chimps of the Refuge have runny noses, are coughing, sneezing …Horrible! It seems the main enclosure has turned into a big quarantine area as all of them are sick!


All the chimps have runny noses (here Wanza)

Remember last year, visitors had thrown contaminated food into the enclosure and some babies had very high fevers.



This time, they haven’t been contaminated by humans: it’s just the cold, rainy and awful weather of January.


Chita sick

When it rains, the chimps are entered in one part of the brand new night facilities. But some of them are very fragile and do contract flu very fast.


Maya & Kina inside the night enclosure waiting for the rain to stop

Kimo and Santa are still OK although they spend their days at the Refuge. Papa Augustin takes good care of them and is not allowed to work with the other chimps of the project.


Kimo, Santa and Papa Augustin

Another thing we are worried about this week is the eye problems of Doguy, a young male whose eyes have been regularly full of tears for the last weeks and who now has a transparent (white) spot on the pupil and the iris of each eye. He’s been isolated for treatment, we do believe he has infectious keratitis. We are still waiting for advice of the different vets we have contacted. I’ll keep you posted,






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  1. paty france

    monkeyword, le paradis pour les chimpanzes en Angleterre, mais au loin pour ceux de RDC les conditions ne sont pas les memes, tout est trés difficile pour ceux qui les recueillent et qui s’en occupent . Il faut que les européens se mobilisent pour tous les grands singes car il y a déjà péril. Pensons-y tous

  2. kinzli

    how are the flu victims nowadays? how are tongo and jane getting on? sorry about the late arrival of this year’s donation. something to do with paypal. i hope to someday come and visit. i went to see Monkey World in dorset, UK which have brilliant facilities for the various primates. Obviously they get a lot more funding through their TV series. (http://www.monkeyworld.org/) I think it’s a good idea doing the videoblogs about daily life at JACK. bye for now.

  3. Thank you all for your encouragements. We are going through a lot of pressure with all that coughing and sneezing. The positiv side of it is that none have had fever (I cross my fingers!) So, we treat them with a sweetened oral solution that fludifies bronchial secretions. Their milk is very warm and extra honey is added. I managed to find oranges from Zambia to provide Vit C. End of the weekend I’ll be able to tell you if these « natural » measures have given any improvement. Should the situation worsen, then I’ll have to start stronger medication and maybe antibiotics but with paediatric dosis as they are still very young.

    As to answer to your comment, Wanda, yes, I too like the picture of Maya and Kina. When the picture was taken, they hab been sitting for hours staring at one another as if they hadn’t seen each other for ages. It was as if they were telling their lives and exchanging ideas. Never thought of putting the picture on a canvas, but why not???

    Merci Carole de nous lire et de nous soutenir, cela fait toujours plaisir de t’avoir avec nous!

  4. Christine C.

    Roxane — oh dear, it sounds like you have your hands full…best of luck in dealing with this problem…p.s. thanks for the picture of Wanza…I cannot believe have very big he has gotten…I have a picture of him on my desk in a diaper and covered in dry milk powder!

  5. Carole

    Eh ben c’est pas la grande forme! J’espère que tout ce beau monde ira rapidement mieux. En ce qui concerne le problème de Doguy… j’espère sincèrement que les résultats seront positifs.

    Je pense bien à vous.


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