International Day for Biodiversity

The DRC is one of the places to have one of the greatest biodiversity.

The biodiversity expanse of the DRC abounds with animals such as bonobos, okapis, chimpanzees, gorillas, etc.

Unfortunately, some species tend to be overlooked. This is the case of small Congolese primates whose number has significantly decreased in recent years due to poaching and international trafficking of protected species.

We can mention the golden-bellied Mangabey (Cercocebus chrysogaster chrysogaster), a species endemic to the DRC, which lives mainly in the forests of the center of the country which is not listed in any of the National Parks of the DRC. This species is on the IUCN red list because it is in danger of extinction. Hence the urgency and the need to protect them from poachers and traffickers of all kinds.

Since 2021 and through Africa’s largest primate rescue organized by J.A.C.K. and its partners/sponors, our NGO is no longer just a sanctuary for chimpanzees but has become a Rehabilitation Center for all primates. To this day, and among the 42 small primates residing at the Centre, 10 golden-bellied mangabeys are being cared for. J.A.C.K.  is the only African center to rehabilitate this highly endangered species!

On this World Day, we remind everyone of their role as protectors of biodiversity, without forgetting the species that greatly need it!

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