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🦍THIS 1st OF SEPTEMBER we celebrate the BIG AND SMALL PRIMATES as well as all the NGOs that fight every day to give THEM a second chance!

Our team was offered more drawings from France – thak you all so much for caring about our team!!

In 2018, J.A.C.K. had been selected to participate in an Advent Calendar project. The action aimed in selling calendars in the shape of Christmas trees holding 24 little doors  meant to introduce and support 24 different NGO’s.

This huge calendar project is ran by 24 GUTE TATEN  (24 good deeds), a German organisation supporting both humanitarian and environmental projects. 24 gute Taten is a charitable, commited and independent association. It helps people in need and poverty, regardless of nationality, religion, ethnic origin or gender.

The amount of the sponsorship depends on how many calendars were purchased. These are usually sold on Internet but also in schools, companies, and via advertising campains.

J.A.C.K. has been lucky enough to be part of last year’s calendar project thanks to its generous donor, PRO WILDLIFE. The wonderful team of Pro Wildlife indeed kindly helped us do all the paper work and it also introduced us to 24 gute Taten eV. As a result, early 2019, our sanctuary was granted enough money to cover:

* the purchase of some medical equipment for the veterinary clinic

* most of the veterinary fees (medication, analyses, etc)

* the maintenance and the cleaning of structures (kitchen, night rooms, clinic, etc)

This amazing grant supported J.A.C.K. during the 6 first months of year 2019. This unexpected sponsorship was a huge relief since so many things are missing and everything is so costly in this part of the world!

Many, many THANKS to the team and to the donors of 24gute Taten! Your project is stunning!

And a huge THANK YOU also to the great team of Pro Wildlife which guided us through the whole project process!!


The Conservation of a species can be effective through Education!

Don’t buy me! Don’t eat me! Don’t sell me! RESPECT ME!

Robyn is a young friend who did some volunteering at J.A.C.K. earlier this year. When leaving, she mentionned she would help and do all her best to raise awareness about J.A.C.K.

This is how she managed to collect some funds during a huge rugby match last March.

Today, Robyn’s action is different: she has made a banner for J.A.C.K. which is currently to be seen at the AFRICA DOWN UNDER CONFERENCE in Perth. A nice way to promote J.A.C.K.’s conservation work in the DRC, isn’t it?

Thank you again, Robyn, and many thanks also to your Dad, Jason, who helps you achieve your goals in developing actions in favour of the hairy residents of J.A.C.K. Your Love and support are really appreciated!!!

VERY BUSY DAYS since some of our residents needed the help of our vet, Dr Jean Claude.

MAYA had a little cyst on her left arm, PASA’s upper right canine was removed (badly infected), AFRICA, MAÏKA, BAPU & ELIA had new implants and, because ELIA has back issues, we did an X-Ray.

We are extremely grateful Dr  Binemo is helping J.A.C.K. orphans. The vet is actually a volunteer at J.A.C.K. and we are lucky to have him!

Also, the vet always comes with 3 assistants; this is a way for J.A.C.K. to spread awareness regarding great apes and the threats they are living daily in the DRC. Also, Noëlle, Elisabeth and ben are being trained to work with chimpanzees!

Before we end we also would like to thank our sponsors who care about the above residents of J.A.C.K. Their monthly sponsorship helps our sanctuary face obstacles like these !


Grade 4 children of the French School of Lubumbashi decided they would collect small plastic bottles for the chimps of J.A.C.K.

Therefore, they spread messages to the other classes mentionning empty bags with J.A.C.K. label would be set on different playgrounds to collect the bottles.

Also, the children prepared some enrichment for the chimpanzees: they bleached the first bottles they had collected and had great fun in cooking some pop-corns to enrich the plastic containers.

The next day, Mrs Sandrine, their teacher who is also a member and great friend of J.A.C.K., brought the enriched bottles to hide on the different chimpanzee playgrounds. Our residents of course were extremely delighted with their particular treats!

Dear Friends of Grade 4 , many thanks for this wonderful action of awareness that you have been doing since last December. Your wonderful support is providing our residents with great enrichment tools and we really thank YOU ALL for this!

Also, thank you so much to Mrs Sandrine for caring so much about our Cause and many thanks to the Headmistress of the French School of Lubumbashi for letting the kids collect the plastic bottles!

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