Kala badly sick
Kala badly sick

Kala badly sick

No good news for today, dear Friends!


Kala is a young male chimpanzee of about 9 years old. He’s been with us since March 2005.
Kala 1

Our young friend was isolated a month ago because of sudden weight loss. Kala had a runny  tummy and looked extremely depressed. At first, salmonella was diagnosed . Treatment started  immediately and we all were convinced Kala would be better soon.


However, Kala’s health didn’t improve.Therefore more health checks took place: this time intestinal infection was found and new treatment started. But Kala has become stubborn: he  suddenly refused to take in all medication and has turned into a fussy eater. Things he loved to eat one day were totally rejected the other day.

Kala & Mama Angeline

Today, one month later, Kala has lost more weight. He still doesn’t want to eat much but likes to drink water. His stools are still the same…We try to stay with him, to talk to him, to groom him… he really loves to be hugged and can stay for hours in our arms…


We are very worried about him. We are struggling every day to give him the best but it is as if he doesn’t care about any thing, as if he were depressed… I wish I could let one of his chimp friends come and stay with him, but this isn’t possible since we don’t know what Kala is suffering of…


Before I end, I wish to thank Fabienne, who is taking good care of Kala and who always try to stimulate him with new enrichment! Many thanks also to Papa Augustin and Maman Angeline whose patience helps us a lot as they manage to have Kala taking his medication! Thanks also to J.A.C.K. vet Jean Claude who does his best to assist and help whenever he can! And of course, I won’t forget PASA vets Christelle  & Carmen  who have always been of great advice!





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  1. Yes, Roberta, we even tried the protein powders used for body building… but Kala refuses to drink all liquids; we can only get him drink water… thank you for your thoughts and prayers, they make us feel less alone on this side of the world!

  2. animal friend

    My heart aches for you Kala. Been thinking of you and wishing you better since I saw your post yesterday.

    I am so gald you hold him and comfort him and he is not alone.

    Thank you JACK Sanctuary for all the work you do every day. Sending you lots of love and prayers.

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