Kimo and Santa (Mapima): two rescued chimps enjoying life at J.A.C.K.
Kimo and Santa (Mapima): two rescued chimps enjoying life at J.A.C.K.

Kimo and Santa (Mapima): two rescued chimps enjoying life at J.A.C.K.

Hi Everyone,

For you, today, an update on little Kimo and Santa (Mapima). Both as you will see are doing fine and still stay with us at home.

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January is the rainiest month of the year and the prevent any flu or other bronchial diseases, both do stay inside their play room most of the time and enjoy running in the garden when the sun is shining.

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Yesterday, Kimo decided to run away with the gardener’s brush and didn’t want to give it back.

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Santa is doing very well. She gained on weight and eats well. The wound she had at her right hand is completely finished and it seems little Santa/Mapima has settled down. She now doesn’t mind to stay with women any more and is a real sweetheart!!!


Kimo is still under treatment and progress is hardly noticeable. At some times he collapses as if arms and legs don’t get the message fast enough from the brain…


If you look on top Kimo’s phalanges and athis knees, there is no hair…this is mainly because (1) Kimo very often walks on his wrists and not on his phalanges (knuckle-walking) and (2) because he regularly falls on his knees…


Josefine left a few days ago. She worked nearly two months with these two little ones and has gained confidence and experience with chimpanzee babies. Josefine also was terribly sad and now I understand why:


… once you meet Kimo, he steals your heart…



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  1. Ping :nursery group badly sick… – J.A.C.K.

  2. Merci Birgitta pour votre intérêt. Oui, Josefine est partie le coeur triste mais compte revenir dans la mesure du possible: Kimo est devenu comme son enfant et elle y est vraiment très attachée!!

  3. brigitta, switzerland

    Pauvre Josephine! Je suis telment amoureuse des deux mignons seulement en les regardent sur les photos- je peut bien imaginer comment elle a été triste en partent! Merci pour tout les video et les photos!

  4. It is always a real pleasure to share these moments with you. As for Kimo’s introduction, we don’t believe this slight « handicap » will harm him a lot: although he has no strength in his fingers, he can climb up trees, play and hang to branches… Seki couldn’t climb up trees at the beginning because of his missing phalanges, but now he’s doing fine…
    Our friend and volunteer Stacy is now in the States meeting therapists to find out the best rehabilitation exercises for Kimo. Don’t worry, everything will be done to make him feel well and to improve his condition. It sometimes happen that « different » chimps are accepted and over protected by the whole group…so, I hope this will be the case for little Kimo!

  5. Dear Roxane,

    thank you for the pics and the videos! the two babies look very good and happy in their new home at J.A.C.K. where they receive plenty of love and care.
    They are absolutely beautiful.
    God bless you, Frank and all the people working with you for your compassion and devotion.

    Susana P (Argentina)

  6. Theresa

    Kimo and Santa are two of the most beautiful chimps I have ever seen. It is so good to see them playing and even getting into mischief. I hope Kimo will get better as he grows and I am pleased Santa is learning that females can be nice to her too. The little ones are so lucky to be at JACK where they will be safe and well taken care of. Things could have turned out so badly for them. God bless you and Franck and the staff Roxane. You are real heroes! Thank you soooo much for sharing the videos. They are priceless!

  7. Wonderful videos, thank you so much! I’m glad to see Santa improving and enjoying her time in the yard with Kimo. Same question as Christine – what will happen with Kimo if he doesn’t get well enough to take care of himself in the group?

    Thanks again for a little peek at the babies.


  8. Christine C.

    Oh Roxane, they are too sweet for words…I cannnot even imagine how poor Josefine is coping without these two beautiful babies!

    Poor Kimo…will he be able to go into the enclosure with the other chimps if he continues to have these problems?

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