Maya not well

Maya is a young chimp female from the main group of orphans living at the Sanctuary. She hasn’t been doing very well recently: she lost a lot of fur, she seemed lethargic and looked depressed.

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It was therefore decided to sedate her to get some blood samples. The lab results showed a serious anaemia and it was suggested Maya should have a particular diet essentially based on calories, proteines and iron. We isolated Maya for observation and we do offer her different types of food such as dry fruit (prunes, apricots, dates), cabbage, spinach, etc in addition to her normal meals. Also, Maya has  daily proteins through Sustagen Hospital Formula and we managed to find imported lentils that we mix in her mielie meal balls. Once Maya will be doing a lot better, more blood samples will have to be taken and more lab analyses will have to be done.

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Maya is a strong chimp and we are convinved she’ll  feel better soon.


We would like to thank 4 good friends of J.A.C.K. who have helped us so far with Maya: Kelly Susan J., who sent us the Sustagen protein powder, Marie-Odile L and Carine L.T. who are Maya’s adopters, and Vanina C. who donated funds covering lab and pharmacy fees. We also want to thank Gladys C., our current local volunteer, who is preparing Maya’s proteins every day as well her daily enrichment items.

We hope to come back soon with good news regarding Maya,

Thank you,





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