Runny noses…again!
Runny noses…again!

Runny noses…again!

Dear All,

In a few weeks time night temperatures have fallen terribly : 15° Celsius compared to 21°. Our rainy season has now turned into the dry, cold season. Winter has started two months in advance and… snotty noses as well!

JACKYJacky sick (top) and Kala trying to keep his nose cleanKALA

We were lucky we didn’t have any colds in the rainy period. Flu usually appears in January AND in July/August.



Our Southern province of the DRC hasn’t a suitable climate for the chimps and that’s why we pay attention to any cough or sneeze. I am extremely worried about the infants: Bapu and Pundu are the youngest, the thinnest and therefore temperatures of all infants are taken 3 times a day.

Papa Augustin and PunduPapa Augustin taking the temperature of Pundu who keeps his mouth open to breathe

Not easy to get the temperatures of all of them: DIAN and ROSIE do run away once they see the thermometer…

Mama Maguy and DianDian giving Maman Maguy a hard time – Dian hates thermometers!!

Today, 26 chimps out of 32 are sick. We have to keep them in their night enclosures untill outside temperatures are appropriate (28° to 30° Celsius).


I do my best to keep the situation under control and I hope no case will worsen in the coming days as night temperatures still continue to go down…



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  1. Christine C.

    Ah, Roxane, I feel like you guys never get a break! Poor babies…but I know they are getting the best care…and be sure to be taking care of yourselves as well. 🙂

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