Meet our team (1)
Meet our team (1)

Meet our team (1)

Hello dear Friends,

I have already talked about different  subjects of our project and wish to introduce you our security guards. Our complex is located in the city centre of Lubumbashi and security is essential. Chimpanzees are being traded for their meat and sold as pets and therefore we must have J.A.C.K. safely guarded day and night.

To do so, we have a team composed of 3 young men:

1/ Bukasa has been with us since the early beginning, just after the fire. He studied Chemistry and Biology and loves animals. He knows every chimp of J.A.C.K. and can talk about them for hours. The chimps like him a lot.Bukasa

2/ Christian is Bukasa’s youngest brother and has an excellent contact with the chimps. He studied Management, was impressed with the work that was achieved at J.A.C.K. and applied for the job in 2008. He started working with us the day of Christmas 2008.Christian

3/ Eddy has been with us for one year now. He went for Management studies too but stopped as his parents couldn’t afford paying university. Since he was a child he was interested into wildlife and we gave him the opportunity  to work with us.Eddy

Thank You Bukasa, Christian and Eddy for your brave and good work. MERCI BUKASA, CHRISTIAN et EDDY pour tout ce que vous faites et pour votre affection envers ces orphelins. Nous sommes heureux de vous avoir dans l’équipe!

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