Santa saved by Faustin
Santa saved by Faustin

Santa saved by Faustin

Dear Friends,

Terrible news for today, believe me!

Santa/Mapima and Kimo are no longer at home with us and are now staying at the Refuge in the quarantine area ready to be introduced.


Santa (left) & Kimo

They have been presented already to the ‘big’ ones of the main group: Chita, Bachi, Wanza and of course Shasa, our oldest female.

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Yesterday, Papa Augustin, their carer,  had just cleaned their quarantine cage and left a few minutes asking Faustin to keep an eye on the two little ones.


Kimo & Santa playing in their nest

Suddenly, Faustin heard very strange noises: Santa was screaming and then a long silence. He ran to Santa and saw that her neck was stuck in the handle of her nest and that the baby chimpanzee was almost strangled.


Reconstitution of how Santa was kept in the handle

Faustin immediately called for a knife, cut the handle while Papa Augustin was holding and lifting baby Santa unconscious. She wasn’t breathing any more. Her lips were blue and her face was grey. Without hesitating, Faustin blew some oxygen through her nostrils and, fortunately, managed to reanimate her!


Santa’s face was grey and her eyes remained red for hours

Santa’s eyes remained red and slightly swollen the whole afternoon. She was held in observation until the next morning and everything is fine again now.


Santa and her Teddy

Santa was lucky and has been more lucky than poor Muchana, the eight-year-old-male gorilla that was found dead in his sleeping quarters end of February at the St Louis Zoo. Such horrible accidents unfortunately do occur  in captivity although all measures are taken to prevent these. The handles of Santa’s nest were quite small and have just been sewn together so-that no chimp can pass the head through…

Again, thank you Faustin to be here with us! Thank you for the good work!


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  1. Theresa

    What a horrible scare for everyone! I am so glad Faustin and Augustin were there and thought fast! It would have broken many hearts for little Santa to be gone. Please thank Faustin for resucitating little Santa! He truly is an angel. I thought I read on the blog that Faustin was leaving due to his father’s death? Please tell him he is my prayers and I am sorry for his loss. It’s exceptionally hard to lose a parent.

  2. Christine C.

    Oh my God Roxane — horrible…and really, thank goodness Faustin was there to save her…he really is a miracle worker, isn’t he? I am so grateful she is ok…poor baby!

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