Thank Yous
Thank Yous

Thank Yous

Dear All

JACK wishes to thank friends from all over the world who did a donation last March to help the orphans of our sanctuary.

This time, baby Vida has been chosen to thank: Amy M. (10 usd), Oliver T. (25 usd) and Catherine M. (150 usd).thank YOU March 2011

Thank You also to Marc H. who has become a member of JACK, who has  sent funds to help us take particular care of baby Tommy (30usd) and who donated an extra 20 usd for the chimps in general!

Remember that our small NGO is living on donations only and that any help is really appreciated. As previously mentionned, J.A.C.K. has reached full capacity and can’t afford accepting new chimpanzees…

Thank You,

J.A.C.K.Chimps & Galagos at J.A.C.K.







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