The 3 newcomers are settling in
The 3 newcomers are settling in

The 3 newcomers are settling in

Athanga, Bihati and Padda are doing well.

 Faustin and Bihati

Yes, dear Friends, although Bihati and Athanga had slight flu upon arrival now all is fine and this was certainly due to the climate changes (Kivu is a bit warmer than Katanga!).

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It is a good thing their caretaker, Papa Faustin, came with them to assist them in their new life.

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Padda, the youngest male, likes to demonstrate his strength and is always trying to intimidate once you come close.


His right ear has a real particular shape and maybe it was caught in a snare…

 Padda's ear

Bihati is a lovely young female who really loves contact and plenty of attention.


She has one particularity: her right hand is completely black. It apparently wasn’t burnt, but she actually has something like a big black stain on the upper side of her right hand.

 Bihati right hand

Athanga, although extremely strong, is very quiet and loves to be touched too.


Our team is very impressed as Athanga’s face is similar to Pasa’s and they both really look like brothers.

Athanga - Pasa

I know, these chimps are – again! – in cages and behind bars. But because they have been checked by the MOUNTAIN GORILLA VETERINARY PROJECT which said they are healthy, these three new orphans won’t stay that long in their quarantine facility. We need a few weeks to get to know them and vice versa and I’m sure by mid April they’ll be presented to the main group of J.A.C.K. Again, a new experience will then be offered to them….

I’ll update again soon

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  1. Theresa

    I’m so glad these little ones finally made it to JACK. They are so sweet! Thanks Faustin for your help in helping them settle in. You are truly a special person with an obvious love for chimps.

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