The chimp living in a 4×4 and the one in a bag: together, FOREVER !!!
The chimp living in a 4×4 and the one in a bag: together, FOREVER !!!

The chimp living in a 4×4 and the one in a bag: together, FOREVER !!!

Dear Friends of Jack,

I told you last time the first meeting between our two latest newcomers was a great and very positiv event.


Today, we can say at J.A.C.K that both little ones are getting on well and that JANE is taking care of Tongo.



Although JANE  lived alone for a very long time in her 4×4 , today, she is able to express all the love and tenderness she has inside.


Tongo, of course, is glad although separation from Faustin wasn’t that easy.


Fortunately, because of Faustin’s longer stay, introduction was made step by step and I can assure you Faustin was the saddest…


He had been with the little one for the last days and, back home, at our place, he told us he missed Tongo soooooo much.


This introduction has been a great success: the chimp who lived in a 4×4


will now stay forever with the little one who lived in a bag


It seems their lives have taken a new turn. What do you think about this?


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  1. so pleased for Tongo and Jane

    such beautiful creatures with so much emotion on their faces. imagine how they have felt going through their ordeals and to now be at the sanctuary among friends. this makes me very happy and hopeful.

  2. Wanda, Atlanta

    Tongo’s feet look so similar to a human baby — it’s amazing – they look so relieved in the eyes! They have to know they are safe now! May God bless you and bless you over and over at JACK!

  3. christine c.

    Roxane — wonderful update to help ease our minds on what has been a bad day for our friends in the gorilla sector. Tonga a Jane have a very bright future ahead of them indeed…there are not enough thanks in the world to recognize all that you do to help these wonderful animals!

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