Valentine 6 –  yummy barks
Valentine 6 – yummy barks

Valentine 6 – yummy barks

Organising today’s Valentine enrichment was great fun since all the fruits (pineapples, bananas) were cut in small pieces, mixed with honey and oats!!Also, because I couldn’t find many barks, I decided the trunk of a banana tree would be the same and once all the barks were topped with the yummy jam, all were displayed onto the playgrounds and the gates were opened.



The chimps were very excited (some intrigued!) to see the barks, but as soon as the jam was eaten up, they ran for more barks.

DSC06500 DSC06502 DSC06504 DSC06510 DSC06517 DSC06518 DSC06533 DSC06536 DSC06545 DSC06546

Many thanks to Marie-Odile and to Céline who offered this Valentine specials today !

Again, the chimps really really enjoyed the treats!!!


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