Valentine 7 – fun with barrels!
Valentine 7 – fun with barrels!

Valentine 7 – fun with barrels!

Again, great fun  today!

This time, the chimps were offered huge blue barrels which were either hung or displayed on different places of the playgrounds. But when organising the huge barrels on the playgrounds , the keepers and I realised they were too high and that, once set close to the walls or wires,  the chimps would try to escape…

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Therefore, just before the gates were opened, we cut 3 barrels out of 5 in two smaller pieces  so that the chimps would still be able to have fun and less be tempted to use their new toys as a way to jump over the fences  …



20.02.14 (67)

See by yourself how the chimps played and played with the barrels…






DSC06700 - Copie

Some even loved the nautral sacks that had been used to fix the barrels onto the swings and swung like Tarzan…


DSC06705 - Copie


… then the wind blew and the sack flew onto Nalia’s face who seemed to enjoy this special moment … Rain started again and the chimps had to go inside again leaving their new toys behind for next time …


DSC06710 - Copie



Many thanks again to Laurence, Alain, Carine, Catherine & Godelieve for these special items which have given sooo much fun to our boarders!!!

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