When posting a picture of our sick pawpaws several weeks ago, some friends came back to us and others even contacted qualified people to determine what is actually wrong with our trees at J.A.C.K.

papaye 2.87

All have had the same reply: misshaped pawpaws result from a lack of boron! Tania F, a good friend of us living in Australia, even managed to send us some of that magic powder to help our trees 🙂 !

bore (3)

Papa Mbondo, the man in charge of our green garden, has started giving some boron to our sick pawpaw trees and we are sure they will all look better soon!

bore (1)

Many thanks again to all her friends who have helped us and thank you so much, Tania, for having sent J.A.C.K. this magic powder!

bore (2)

We will keep you updated 🙂



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