Coco and Mwisho presented to Chita
Coco and Mwisho presented to Chita

Coco and Mwisho presented to Chita

Hello Everyone!

First of all, know that the flu is almost gone and that we now feel less under pressure! It is still raining a lot but we do all what we can to have the chimps dry.

Now, let me introduce you Coco and Mwisho. I have talked about them already in different posts and today these two young and strong males are being presented to Chita (dominant male) and to Bachi (second male of the main group). They have recently left the quarantine area and are in the transition enclosure we use for presentations.


Coco did’t matter at all to meet the two males of the main group. He even looked happy to see other faces than Mwisho’s!


Mwisho at the beginning was terribly scared of Chita. He shouted and curled up his lips as to show his fear.

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But after a few sessions, he now seems more confident and submitted to Chita.



Chita and Bachi haven’t expressed much aggressiveness. Bachi just hit the bars separating both groups, but none tried to bite nor fight. We still keep bars in between them and soon these will be taken away so that real introduction can take place. I’ll tell you more about this later on.

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As to update on Doguy’s eyes, it is a real catastrophe. Two vets only gave us their opinion and advised to put drops in Doguy’s eyes. But can you imagine how difficult it is to keep a young chimp quiet to put drops in his eyes? Could anyone give us some tips, because we feel lost!


Thank you,







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  2. Merci Brigitta de nous soutenir ainsi! Du fin fond de notre brousse, cela fait du bien de savoir que les gens nous lisent et partagent nos joies comme nos peines… je n’ai pas oublié votre gentille proposition et ne tarderai plus à vous répondre!!
    A très bientôt!

  3. Tristan, great to hear you can help. I’ll send you some pictures of Doguy on your email address so that you can transfer them to optometrist. One eye has worsened!
    As to swaddle chimps in a cloth – yes, we can do it when they are still very young. But Doguy is nearly 4 and already very strong and ready to bite to defend himself! Drops or unguent must be administrated at least twice a day – imagine how Doguy would become aggressive! I have asked if oral treatment could work, but because no one is sure about the disease, Doguy has had Vit A (prevents blindness) twice a week for the last two weeks. Local treatment is more efficient!
    I have passionfruit in my garden – thank you for the tip!
    I’m sending you some pics just now. Again, thank you!

  4. T

    I don’t know what happened to my post. I offered to contact a well-known veterinarian who specializes in ocular issues with exotics at zoos for you guys and my post disappeared this morning.

  5. Tristan

    I took care of several marmosets in South America for a few years. When I needed to administer meds I would secure the micos by swaddling them in a towel, then I applied the meds followed immediately by their favorite treats all the while talking in a low and calm voice.

    The problem is that it takes awhile for them to correlate the swaddling to an eventual treat (subsequent to dosing). I am not sure if this would work with chimps though.

    A choice may have to be made between an upset chimp, administered meds and a permanent disability. Also depending on healing time, wouldn’t slight sedation for a short duration be an option?

    Do you guys have passionfruit in Africa? A good dose of the juice from sweetened passiflora edulis is one heck of a strong natural (and good tasting) sedative.

    Also have you tried to contact any primate DVM’s who specialize in optical diseases? If you e-mail me I have the number/e-mail address of a very well known (US based) DVM optometrist who may have some beneficial input for you.

    Also, you may need to consider attempting some type of administration which does not necessitate drops. Can the same results be achieved via an oral administration of another substance?


  6. Thanks Theresa for the tip! We have tried it already and it worked the first time. But afterwards, Doguy understood what was going on and even refused to get the treat. His right eye has worsened and we are very worried…
    Brigitta, tout grand merci pour votre proposition et je vous contacterai ultérieurement pour voir comment nous pouvons faire. Comme le site est encore en construction, certaines choses doivent être ajoutées et modifiées, et ce serait avec plaisir!!! A très bientôt!

  7. Theresa

    Glad to hear the flu is clearing up Roxane. It looks like the new introduction quarters are working well. I’m sure all will be well once they spend some time getting used to each other. I wish I could help with the eye drop problem but the only eye drops I have given (to non humans) is a dog that would do anything for a bacon treat. You might try to distract Doguy with food and see if that works.

  8. brigitta s. , switzerland

    Chère Roxane.
    Au sujet des gouttes je ne peut pas vous aider, mais en visitant votre website j’ai vu que les pages en allemand ne sont pas telment bien traduites. Si ça vous servait je pourrais faire la traduction.
    Avec mes chalereuses salutations
    brigitta s.

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