December 23rd, 2016
December 23rd, 2016

December 23rd, 2016

Today was a peaceful and quiet day. All the members of our team managed to come at work or to go back home. In addition to this, since no unrest was to be heard about in the suburbs, you could see a light of hope in the eyes of every one: it’s Christmas and  Peace would be the best present ever for our country!

The chimps had their daily routine and were full of energy today!

Julie, our Congolese volunteer, joined us unlike every Friday and she prepared some icy tomato sticks for tomorrow’s enrichment! Thank you, Julie!!


We managed to buy the Xmas presents for our team (boots) and for the chimps (juicy oranges). But prices have increased considerably which is a real shame as we also wanted to offer additional gifts to our team: some fish, oil and 25kg of mielie meal for each worker to have a good and healthy Christmas dinner with all their family. Because of unrest, prices have gone mad and our workers are struggling hard just to buy the basic stuff to feed their kids! Not sure we’ll be able to offer a good Christmas meal, we’ll go and check prices again tomorrow…


I’ll try to update tomorrow. Still no social media but a slow and a very useful Internet! So happy to still be in touch with the world!!

Thank you for reading!



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