Farewell, Kala!
Farewell, Kala!

Farewell, Kala!

Dear Friends,


Exhausted and extremely weak, our young friend Kala left us a few days ago and is now in peace with JAK, TOUZO, IKIA and baby SANTA. Necropsy revealed pulmonary issues as well as intestinal and cardiac problems. We are now waiting for more details…

bon voyage, Kala

Farewell, dear Kala! We are happy we met you but feel terribly sorry you left so early… Know that you are missed by many!!


Before we end, we wish to thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts for Kala which kept us going on and believing in a miracle!

Many thanks to Sheri and Christelle for their precious vet advice and their extremely kind words in these painful moments.

Also, a huge THANK YOU  to Su and Carmen who called or asked for daily updates on Kala and who encouraged us every day!

Fabienne, Jean Claude, Angeline and Augustin did great things for Kala at J.A.C.K. and we thank them for all their love and for all what they did every day for him!!!


J.A.C.K./ Roxane & Franck

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  1. Joan Huddleston

    Dear Most Kind people.
    saw tonight on the Jane Goodall, Chimp Eden, of the sad passing of your sweet chimp, Kala. When you love, then you have then to grieve and it is not easy but it is so good that Kala was so loved and is so kindly and lovingly remembered. and kala is now at peace and playing and grooming with the others.

    but for all of you behind, my deepest Sympathies at this sad time.
    warm regards,
    Joan Huddleston

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