updates on Kala
updates on Kala

updates on Kala

Dear All,

A new treatment started last week for Kala and the only noticeable progress so far is that he is eating a bit more than before. He is having his short walks in the open air and he also ineteracts more vocaly with his friends from the main group. Treatment will continue for one more week; let’s all keep our fingers crossed more progress will come out of this!




Many thanks to the J.A.C.K. friends who sent us emails, texts from all over the world. And thank you also to the generosity of following supporters who have made donations to helps us give Kala the best:  Alison B., Patti C., Marc H., Carole V., Wanda H., Natalie W. and Sébastien M.

Thank YOU for KALA!




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