Fishing ….honey !
Fishing ….honey !

Fishing ….honey !

Hello dear Friends of J.A.C.K.,

The infant chimps which are now in their brand new facility have recently been introduced to their ant-hill.


Yes, an ant-hill has been built in their open air enclosure and small pots full of honey were set some days ago to teach them how to enter a stick in small holes and get the treat.

honey pots

I know, it should be ants or even termites, but this will be another step as most of the infants are scared of insects!

anthill 2

We have already 3 experts in fishing:

      – Santa


     – Maïka who puts both her hand AND the stick completely in the biggest hole!!! (easier like this, isn’t it Maïka???)

Maïka and SantaMaïka fishing with her little hands

         – and baby Pundu!

 Pundu eating honey

The other chimpanzees simply admire their skills and sometimes wait untill the stick is out of the anthill to grab it and steal it!

Kimo has developped its own personal technique: as he can’t easily put the stick in the hole and get the treat, he simply eats…. the stick!

Kimo fishingKimo eating the stick !

Remember, all these infant chimpanzees have been taken away very early from their mums/family which by now should have been training them ant fishing, nut breaking, threats and dangers and things of life.

Santa concentratedThe J.A.C.K. team has to train these orphans so as to make them ready to go back to the wild. It is an important – and not an EASY ! – step  for our team because we all have become their « mums » and we need to make them strong enough to face the wild…

Honey fishing!

Also, therefore, don’t forget that JA.C.K. needs your aid to achieve its goals.  The DRC is a very tough country and your love, attention and passion are really appreciated!

Thank You all,


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  1. Fran

    This is not only wonderful enrichment for these babies, but it gives them the opportunity to learn necessary survival skills if they are released into the wild. And of course Maika is one of the babies that can fish! She IS my girl, after all. 🙂

  2. Theresa

    I just love it! I bet the babies get bored and this will keep them busy and also develop their skills. I love the pictures of everyone fishing for honey! So cute! Whoever built the mound did a wonderful job and I am happy the babies have their own space now. Kudos to you all!

  3. Eh eh… j’ai vu une technique la dernière fois dans un reportage réalisé au Congo Brazza. Ils avaient l’air de dire que ces techniques avaient été découvertes très récemment… j’ai pris des notes 🙂
    Je leur montrerai 😀

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