Food for Easter
Food for Easter

Food for Easter

Happy Easter everyone!
It is a special day for humanity but also for our residents at the sanctuary.
Easter is also an opportunity for you to show them your generosity by offering them food.
According to each species, we detail their specific diet, which will allow you to give according to your budget.
Regarding chimpanzees:
They need a nutrient intake of at least 250kg per day.
This contribution generally contains:
– Vegetables and fruits. However, these are seasonal in DR Congo;
– Soy, for proteins;
As for monkeys:
– Vegetables and fruits;
– Eggs for protein;
– Bird seeds.
Add to all this milk (continuation milk) for babies, honey (local which is quite difficult to find) and tea.
And obviously a lot of water.
Below find the link for donations divided into different categories.