Mata not well
Mata not well

Mata not well

Updates on the flu we’ve recently talked about:

Tommy and Luna are doing a lot better. Although they are still coughing badly, fever has gone and both are now eating well and playing again.


Kaly was slightly flu-virus-infected: fever started one night and disappeared the next morning! Kaly still has  a runny nose and is still coughing… but if you look at the pics taken this morning, she’s extremely playful again!!


Only baby Mata is giving us so many worries. Maybe because he’s so young and so vulnerable, the virus is getting him down completely: he’s lethargic without any intrest in food nor drinks. He has severe respiratory issues.


At J.A.C.K., we don’t have a place where keepers can stay with very sick youngsters. Therefore, I decided to bring Mata home for day and night observation. Maman Angeline is staying and helping me during day while I take care of Mata at night…

You can imagine how stressful this situation is and we do our best to give Mata the best!

I’ll keep you updated,

Please, keep Mata in your thoughts!

Thank YOU for HIM!


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