Security Project: the works have started!
Security Project: the works have started!

Security Project: the works have started!

A few months ago, J.A.C.K. launched a fundraiser to enforce the security at the complex.

Year 2021 has indeed been a scary year regarding security of our orphans: so many incursions took place at night by malicious people stealing mainly electricity cables and waterpipes. Due to the sanitary crisis, people have lost their jobs and have been in search for easy money and this is how our Reabilitation Centre  was targetted several times despite the patrols of our Rangers.

The fundraiser included the purchase of (1) barbed wires to secure part of the perimeter wall, (2) electricity equipment to bring power at one of the chimpanzee night rooms, (3) to buy a control camera as well as (4) solar lights.

Thanks to the generosity of great donors, J.A.C.K. has reached its goal and, a few weeks ago, works could start to enforce the security of our residents.

First, some electricity equipment was bought (neon tubes, wires, circuit breakers, a division board, etc.) and electricity cables were set into the ground.

Then, the whole electricity system was installed.

Today, to the greatest relief of our keepers and Rangers, this part of the sanctuary is no longer dark at night – which makes work/patrols easier…

More developments are on the agenda and we will keep you updated on the progress of this huge project!


Many thanks again to all the precious donors who helped us reach this goal!

Your amazing support has made this possible!

Thank all YOU for THEM!