severe eye infection for Kina
severe eye infection for Kina

severe eye infection for Kina

Dear Friends,

Kina is a young female chimp  rescued in April 2007. She has never shown any particular diseases nor has she ever had eye issues before… that’s why we are extremely surprised to see how fast the eye infection progressed!

Our vet sedated her immediately: Kina’s eyes were too swollen, too infected and he wanted to check the cornea. Hopefully, her eye isn’t damaged and needed to be cleaned thoroughly…

Kina woke up a few minutes later after a local antibiotic treatment (subconjunctival injections) and a general antibiotic injection.


Today she is active, but her eyes need time to heal.  She has been isolated in a semi dark room ( she can’t stand the sun light) and we all give her the love and the special attention she needs….

According to our vet, Kina will a few days to recover; let’s hope what he says is right…

I’ll keep you updated,


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  1. Kina is doing a lot better, thank You, Bernadette! Her eyes are now less swollen and infection is nearly gone…I’ll update very soon; we have had power issues again and again and so many other problems to deal with these last days…

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