Thank Yous
Thank Yous

Thank Yous

Dear All,

Remember, last November, 3 babies chimpanzees were transferred to my house because   (1) Tommy had severe bone infection, (2) rains and cold weather  started and (3) we didn’t have appropriated facilities for these very little ones…

Thanks to your donation and the support of our sponsors*, an extra infant facility is being build so that the young ones can have a dry and clean place to stay during long days of rain and cold.Tommy, Nalia & Ekolo say 'Thank YOU!'

The infant group wishes to thank the following donors who supported via our Wildlife Direct website: Elise S (50USD), Oliver T (25USD), Nathalie H (170USD), Petra/Sasha (200USD), Kinzli (250USD), Amy M (10USD), and John D (25USD).

Tommy also thanks Marc H. for having sent 25USD to buy bandages and Shasa, the dominant female of our main group, is grateful to Renato B. for his generous donation (100USD).

Don’t forget that J.A.C.K. is living on donations only and that your precious aid goes straight to the welfare of our boarders!!

J.AC.K. SanctuaryJ.A.C.K.

* a special post will be dedicated to our sponsors

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