Thank Yous
Thank Yous

Thank Yous


This time it is young chimp Wanza, a former alcoholic male chimpanzee of about 5 years old, who has been chosen to express our gratitude for the donations sent between Jan 28th and Feb 22nd to our JACK Sanctuary via Theresa’sPaypal account on this Wildlife Direct website (‘donate’ button on top right of this page).Wanza

Great thanks first to Amy M. (10usd), Dana V. (30usd), Nathalie W. (20usd), Ryan K. (10usd), Tamela B. (50usd), Welman I. (20usd), Fran B. (20usd) and to Godelieve S. (50usd) who responded immediately to the appeal sent on Jan 28th asking for your support because JACK has reached full capacity and needs to improve its facilities for the welfare of its growing orphan chimpanzees…

Also, many thanks to Anna M. (30usd), Sébastien M. (60usd) and Lucia C. (50usd) for their generosity and desire to help us improve the life of all the orphans rescued by JACK.

And, finally, JACK wishes to talk about Patti C. from California. Patti is the first person who has  sent us back a JACK Membership document expressing her wish to become part of our action in the DRC. In addition to the annual membership fees (20usd), Patti donated an extra of 20usd for little Tommy and his buddies… Thank You again, Patricia, for the Chimps and for the little ones!!!

Again, THANK YOU all/MERCI A VOUS TOUS for your help. JACK can’t do everything alone and really needs your support to continue it’s action!!




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  1. Know Theresa that the words ‘thank you’ aren’t strong enough to express all our gratitude. The Chimps of JACK are happy to have YOU as their best Friend and are extremely grateful for your Love, Patience, Support and Seriousness. Our dream is to hug you one day and we all at JACK know this dream will come true…

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