Tika between Luna and Ekolo
Tika between Luna and Ekolo

Tika between Luna and Ekolo

Now that baby Luna is in the nursery group, Tika, the « big brother » is over-protecting her but can’t leave Ekolo aside.

Tika with Luna (left) keeping an eye on Ekolo

Remember, before Luna was introduced, Tika was taking good care of Ekolo who had been badly sick, isolated for several months and then put back into Tika’s group.

Tika watching over Ekolo

Today, Tika has given himself a double responsability: to look after the two youngest babies of his group!

Tika hugging Ekolo

Not always easy! Luna is younger than Ekolo and is sometimes jealous.

Luna having a look on what is going on in Tika’s arms…

She doesn’t understand why Ekolo should share Tika’s arms too and she always tries to keep Tika’s attention onto her…

Luna looking straight into Tika’s eyes to have his attention

… or she even tries to get Ekolo’s hands off Tika….

Luna trying to get Ekolo’s hand off Tika who doesn’t appreciate what she is doing

But Tika doesn’t give up! There’s is enough space for the two little ones in his arms and in his heart and he does the best he can!!!



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