Tommy, Ekolo & the mango pit
Tommy, Ekolo & the mango pit

Tommy, Ekolo & the mango pit

Dear Friends,

Chimpanzees are extremely inventive and any little thing can turn into a real enrichment tool due to their creativity!

To give you an idea, when observing young chimps Tommy and Ekolo, both where standing and playing at the pond.


It took me a short time to realise they were using something to drink water with…


… and I then noticed the two little primates were using  the pit of the mango they had just eaten! They had broken the pit in two pieces and used these as spoons !

DSC05638 DSC05641 DSC05640

They were so concentrated that even their curious friend Nalia joined them at the pond to imitate their use of ‘tool’ exactly in the same way!

DSC05645   Well done, Tommy and Ekolo! It was very interesting observing you!   J.A.C.K. / Roxane

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  1. evelyne amelot

    Bravo que vous êtes intelligents et ça je n’en ai jamais douté, c’est trop beau et fascinant. Bonjour à vous tous chez jack et passez de bons moments avec nos singes.

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