Tongo and Jane successfully introduced
Tongo and Jane successfully introduced

Tongo and Jane successfully introduced

Good news for today!

Little Tongo and Jane have been successfully introduced into the main group.

Just a few days ago, both chimps left their quarantine enclosure. Jane was so happy to jump into Franck’s arms for transfer. But, baby Tongo refused to quit this place that had become his for the last 3 months! None of us could take him nor even hug him – Franck had no oher choice than slightly sedating him …


Tongo sedated

When Tongo woke up, he was in a bigger place. At first, Christian stayed with him in his new enclosure …


…and then, Jane came to fetch him as if to introduce him to their new home…


It took some time before baby Tongo adjusted. He is still so small and sensitive – we really had to proceed gradually!


While being in this  intermediate enclosure, Tongo and Jane could see the group, smell and even touch the other chimps.


Chita, Seki, Shasa, Jac and the other ones also went through new experiences as it was the first time presentations were done in such way.


the group staring at the two newcomers

Thanks to Francky’s constructions, no human being has to intervene  during the introduction of newcomers. Enclosures have been built next to one another – only gates have to be locked or unlocked…


New constructions: on the right, night facilities where the group goes every nights and, on the left, the intermediate enclosure where newcomers stay for introduction


D-Day arrived for the real meeting. It took a few hours before everyone calmed down. Most of the chimps of the group were excited which scared Jane too much. As a reaction to this, the young female abandonned little baby Tongo and didn’t protect him the way we had expected.


Jane  (middle) leaving Tongo (left) behind

However, two chimps of the main group, SEKI and KINA,  helped us  a lot. SEKI played an important role: he is the one who protected JANE. She was hanging on to his back all the time and no one was allowed to approach her.


Jane hanging on Seki’s back 

Lost, Tongo didn’t know what to do.


He walked and walked through the main enclosure.


It is KINA, a young female, who couldn’t stand seeing Tongo like this. That’s why she always stayed behind him. Sometimes, she even tried to hug him, to come closer…but Tongo wanted JANE….Despite being rejected, KINA kept on having an eye on the baby one and didn’t let the others come and beat Tongo.


Kina wanting to hug and touch Tongo

At the end of the day, when all the chimps were entered in the night enclosures, SEKI immediately showed Jane AND Tongo his nest. The other chimps were not allowed to come too close.


Tongo in Seki’s nest 

Today, both Jane and Tongo have settled down. They are now accepted in the main group – especially little Tongo who is being spoiled as most of the chimps of the group do want to carry him on their back. Seki is no longer « over » protective and there are no fights anymore.


Tongo is the little one with the pale face on the right and Seki is the big chimp behind him. Kina is completely on the left and in the middle of the picture is our friend Jac

Because Tongo is the smallest chimp ever introduced, Franck and I were afraid something would happen to him. Fortunately, all went well. This experience is another step forward for JACK and encourages us a lot : Kimo and Mapima will have to be introduced as well and we will not wait untill they are two years old!!


Tongo in the middle

JACK wishes You a Merry Christmas and all the best for this coming Year,


Roxane, Franck, JACK and the Chimps

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  1. Beaucoup d’aventures pour Jane et Tonga qui aprés un début de vie difficile, aprés une période de quarantaine ou ils ont tissé des liens comme tous les petits orphelins. Maintenant ils sont avec le groupe, la vie va suivre son cours, ils vont grandir, apprendre la vie de chimpanzés…… peut etre qu’ils auront un jour le bonheur de repartir à la vie sauvage, cette vie qu’aucun etre humain ne devrait avoir le droit de leurs prendre.

  2. Theresa

    What wonderful news! I was so worried it would not go well with Tongo being such a little guy. I’m so happy Kina protected him when Jane was off with other chimps. Seki taking them to his nest and protecting them was just what they needed to feel secure. What wonderful chimps! The little ones are now part of a family again and it warms my heart to know they will have the company of the others to teach them how to be chimps. The photos were incredible! Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of JACK. Happiest of Holidays and chimpy hugs to all!

  3. Wow, I was nervous just reading about Tongo and Jane’s introductions. Kina is my hero for looking out for our little Tongo and Seki seems, as Christine pointed out, a good leader. I hope Tongo and Jane will relax and become good friends again. What a great post, Roxane, and the pictures are fantastic. Thanks so much for everything you and everyone else is doing to help these beautiful chimps. Have a wonderful holiday!


  4. Christine C.

    Well, if this isn’t just the very best Christmas present ever! What fantastic news, and an amazing, amazing post and pictures! I am so thrilled for Jane, Baby Tongo and the rest of the chimps…I am not surprised everyone want to protect Tongo, he is the cutest thing….and big hugs to Kina for taking the lead and not leaving the poor guy all alone. Seki is really becoming an unbelievable leader…and seeming a sensitive one, which doesn’t always seem to be the case with alpha male chimps from what I read. And it does seem Jane has good instincts…going right to Seki!!

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