Josefine, volunteer at the JACK Refuge Centre
Josefine, volunteer at the JACK Refuge Centre

Josefine, volunteer at the JACK Refuge Centre

Hello there friends of JACK!

This is the swedish volunteer Josefine writing. I have been here volunteering since the 9th of november this year (2008).


Kimo & Josefine

Ever since i were a little girl my biggest dream was of course to work with animals and if possible – wildlife. I went to the gymnasium/highschool for three years and did the course for animal care. Since then i have been working with animals in several places. Milking cows in different dairy farms, did some vulonteer work with orphan cats and i have been working as an animal keeper in Furuvik ZOO – Sweden for 2 seasons. (third is coming)


Josefine & Kimo

All these are amazing experiences that i will never forget, but to get the oportunity to travel to DRC – Democratic republic of Congo – and be the first internetional volunteer in JACK is something unique. To be able to assist JACK in there incredible work with orphan chimpanzees: it’s really something! I have started blogging since my first contact with Kimo and you can read my experience on


Kimo sleeping

Have you ever had that kind of dream you know will never come true? Those dreams wich are only there to help us struggle and keep on going…. But you know what, life is FULL of surprises. Now i am here in DRC in Afrika, on the other side of the world, holding a babie chimpanzee (even two of them! )  in my arms every day !


Kimo (top) and « Santa » (below) who used to be called « Mapima ». Franck decided to change her name and to call her after Samantha, a friend living in Goma and who has saved two chimps (Tongo & Mapima) and sent them at J.A.C.K.


 I want to tell you one thing….


EVERYTHING is possible!


JOSEFINE, December 2008

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  1. Que des moments pleins d’émotions pour Joséfine, elle gardera toute sa vie le souvenir de heures inoubliables passées avec les bébés chimpanzés qui ont tellement besoin d’amour.
    Que ces souvenirs lui donnent encore la motivation pour revenir auprés d’eux. Bravo pour le photographe qui a capté des attitudes tellement semblables à nos propres attitudes et aux mémés regards interrogatifs.
    Que cette expérience reste toujours dans le coeur de Joséfine

  2. Brenton H

    A wonderful blog Josefine! You are doing fantastic volunteer work and young people such as yourself are our planet’s hope for the future. Happy New Year to you and all creatures at JACK.

  3. Theresa

    I am so envious of you! I would love to hold a baby chimp, or two, for even a few minutes. I have followed the blog since you started it and I love reading about your days with Kimo and Santa. Thank you for being a surrogate mother to these sweet, beautiful babies who need someone so much right now. Give them both a hug from me please!

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