updates on Maman Angeline
updates on Maman Angeline

updates on Maman Angeline

Dear Friends,

Maman Angeline stayed 3 days in hospital and has started her physiotherapy (10 days). She isn’t doing that well, her wounds are healing up but she feels mentaly fragile since her left leg is extremely sore. We will keep you posted on her progress. But meanwhile we wish to thank some of you for their promptness in coming back to us to collect funds to cover hospital fees as well as the physiotherapy expenses. J.A.C.K. usually demands funds for its boarders but currently needs your help since terrible events like these are unexpected and represent a lot of money.

Many thanks to laurence D, Mimi F, Patti C, Alison B, Ava C, Céline L,Aurora D and Catherine M for their precious support! Thanks to them, 42% of the funds have been collected so far.


In case you wish to participateto this fundraising event, you can join us via our ‘donate’ picture/button (Paypal) below.


Thank you so much,


J.A.C.K./ Roxane

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